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I was asked to share information about my health problems, about the hard struggle against them and what is the result.

I am 53 years old. In spite on this age, I tried to lead an active lifestyle (sport, training in shooting, trips, etc.). 8 years ago my right foot began to swell, the bone of the thumb on my right leg began to ache. The tumor was so big that i had to sit at home. Foot in shoe does not fit. I did can not to tread on swollen. After some lotions and rubs, the swelling subsided and the pain became less. I did not know the cause of these problems. But this attacks began wearing repeating nature. After couple of years both knees began to swell. I did can not to bend the knees sometimes. And again was used lotions, compresses.

Life began to have not iridescent shade. I start looked to future already with pessimism. I did not known what it's? I had not visited the doctor. I was typical male who do not much care for health. But, when the pain began to interfere with the work, i had to seriously take attention to this problem.

But it was late!

One day I was hospitalized with suspected Pankreatitis

Once in the hospital I pass through the many analysis. Pankreatitis was not found, but was found enough of other troubles. Physician told me that I am "happy" owner of gout, arthritis (truth in this statement is not confirmed). Today's medicine - treat only diagnosis which i had tested by analysis, other diseases will treat at following hospitalization.

On the conclusion of test can see it on the testimony of uric acid - 562, a very large proportion.

I was released from the hospital with a bunch of limitations for everyday life. Diet, foods that you can not to eat, i must to have no any physical activity e.t.c. My life got in limited regimen. When you habit to active lifestyle, a sharp decline in its not conducive to positive thinking.

These visites the doctors brought nothing except growing of financial costs.

Increased uric acid in the body contributed to the development of arthritis, gout, degrade the performance of the intervertebral discs, which leads to a pinched sciatic nerve.

My visit to famous Dikul-center with low back pain, spine, pinched nerve ended for me the loss of large sums of money and getting into the hospital on crutches with neurological diagnosis. After then I was treated and sent home.

One of my friend who lives in Thailand, told me to test drink from the leaves of Soursop (Graviola).

He advised it as healthy drink against similar diseases.

I am skeptical about herbal medicine, but decided it will not be worse.

Received from him a couple of packets Graviola (SPS) I drank it monthly course and was realy pleasantly surprised. After giving blood on biochemistry analysis - 9 of 10 indicators of analysis was seriously improved.

However, uric acid (cause of gout, arthritis, back pain, and general bad mood) is not decreased, and even increased. It gave me reason to worry and i contacted a consultant in Thailand. He reassured me, saying that so should be at the beginning of treatment course on advanced disease.

I have had to repeat the by second monthly course, and .... was surprised again. Indicators of uric acid fell from almost 500 to 212 .

Since the beginning of the treatment has been more than six months. I do not even remember now about gout and arthritis.

Now i drink Graviola ST a preventive mode (1 cup per day, 5 times a week). All my analysis indicators is the same like a completely healthy person.

 Nowadays I visit the sports center, gradually strengthens muscles, ride a bike, renew visites gym.

Earlier it was impossible because of pain in the knees, feet, lower back.

 I still have some sores! Graviola does not cure osteochondrosis!

At least the other diseases I do not watch!

The main thing that I realized that not everything in this world clearly!

Especially, the influence of the forces of nature to human life and health!

Learn from the mistakes of others!