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The description and the results reached at treatment of various weight of pathologies and illnesses are given to your attention.
The photos presented in this section, have been taken during treatment. We bring the changes if their viewing will cause not the most positive emotions.
With a view of confidentiality names of patients not be known.


The beginning of this incredible story can be considered in 2011, or rather autumn 2011.

And so, one day of this rainy autumn, we noticed that our dog Rita appeared dyspnea. It seems to be nothing special, and the age she already has a decent, almost 10 years! But Rita purebred American Pit Bull! It is dog - fighter! She, as befits such a dog, all these years have served to protect their hosts and the host territory. Always, we can say, she was in top form! Muzzle serious, pointed ears, but thoughts on the other side of the fence. It is incredible powerful force! A couple of times when meeting their hosts Rita managed to slip between the legs of the gate, and not just for play, and on the case! If in the same time, the local mongrels has some business near to the protected Rita's territory. These meeting ends for local mongrels always the same! Two or three day stay in a veterinary clinic on a drip, with stitches and bandaged. These cases have had a lot of expenses for Rita owners

By the fluke, the veterinary clinic is just three hundred meters from Rita's territory.

And so, now this shortness of breath!

After few more days:

Rita lost appetite, who attended always and stantly. We even had no any thinks that Rita could ever get sick! Signals were evident when Rita began to meet the owners lying down, a good distance from the gate.

We  took her to the doctor! When we came to the veterinary clinic but do not go inside yet, Rita suddenly trembled, and in her fearless eyes appeared tears! As if sensing something! Results of analyzes and X-Ray directed all further developments to one, to fight!

Rita had cancer!

The tumor progressed, and we decided on surgery.

A few days after removal of the tumor, Rita felt better and there is hope that everything will cost. But the positive aspects were not long! Soon began to swell limbs and Rita almost could not move independently. We were not going to give up! We have had consulted with various experts and professors! We observed Rita in the largest veterinary hospital at KasetsartUniversity. We began to put the injection of chemotherapy for Rita, but from these only became worse!

Rita has sinking hourly!

Unbearably-sad memories of the last days of fight Rita's with this terrible disease:

Round the clock dropper , every 8 hours anesthetic injection of morphine, diapers and clysters!

And, almost incessant moaning Rita who is American Pit Bull - fighting dog, which should not feel any pain in principle!



It has been almost three years since our dog Rita who was a thunderstorm for all the local mongrels, died from cancer. But the rumors of martial exploits Rita has been divergent fifty kilometers in the county, still bring the fear to the locals, especially to the local mongrels.

As a matter of happened that at the service instead of Rita we took Pandu.

Panda is daughter of Rita and her only heir. Before that, she lived with our relatives. The main advantage of the Panda, it is fearlessness, which she got inherited from the mother's.

In fact, the Panda is not a purebred American Pit Bull. Her father, no one knows!

But ten years ago in these places several times seen big black dog breed uncertain, but he is markedly different from all the local mongrels by large forms. Visually, Panda looks like her mother not so much. But at some point, you catch yourself thinking that something they have in common is, something in the look or character. In general, any connection. Perhaps the genes!

And these genes began to show themselves on the full program!

Panda, which has always been difficult to catch in place, has become increasingly seen by sleeping somewhere in the shade or just lying open and move behind you eyes.

First thoughts were related to her already respectable age. She is ten years old, that is a possible reason to easy tired!

But when her front paws started to swell up and there crop up some bumps under the arms - it did no doubt. It was decided to urgently check Panda for the presence of cancer. Analyses confirmed our worst fears. Panda have had cancer in progress!

Considering the sad experience of Rita in the fight against cancer by standard medical practice, we began to look for alternative methods. Almost immediately, came across information about the magical properties of leaves of tree Soursop (Graviola) in the fight against cancer.

Buy dried whole leaves of Soursop (Graviola) in Thailand is not difficult, it is also growing.

Recommendations for the application of generally not elaborate. So we began a brew tea from the leaves of Soursop (Graviola) and drink it daily three times a day. Of course, we have to pour it all into the mouth of Panda through syringe. But it does not matter! Importantly, the Panda, which is already virtually unable to walk, after three weeks can to stand up on her feet, and another a week later she began to little walk around the territory.

Now, after two months of treatment, all the bumps on the body reduced to twice, swelling of the feet came off, and withered, and bleeding ulcers healed. And now,when Panda only appearance on a nearby street while walking,  all the local mongrels quickly run in different sides.

This is incredible truth! Nor any operations and chemotherapy!

May God grant her full health!

 The shown results are obtained after using Graviola leaves, grown and harvested by special technology in Thailand. SPS \STS


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