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   Nowadays Soursop (Graviola) grows in different countries one climatic zone. The tree is a wild ie separate dedicated plantations under it does not exist. Workers harvested fruits and especially the leaves from the trees and on land. After then all of this goes to sale. This way to harvest is most cheap. No additional costs is necessary(special knives, ladders, baskets, etc.). This condition of works help to keep a low price for selling.

BUT ...... 

  According to specialists, fallen leaves do not carry any benefit. Such leaves are called dead. Such leaves are not harmful, but also useless. It is simply useless leaves!

  When collecting the leaves should be cut only, and only fully ripened!

  Only in this case, all the amazing healing properties of Soursop (Graviola) stored in the leaves.

  Specially set up plantation, sheltered from direct sun lights, organic fertilizers, special irrigation system, the introduction of technologies leaf collection - all this guarantees a high quality of the final product and, most importantly, leaves all phyto-nutrients and other benefits in leaves. In this case leaves called alive!

  High quality requirements of products supplied by us, the main feature of our company.

  We do not aspire to become the largest company, we want to become the best in their field.



Do not strive for the lowest price of the product.

The low price does not guarantee quality.

Your health is much more expensive.

If drugs does not cure you, the nature will help to heal!