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   I want to share a personal experience of treatment by leaves of Soursop (Graviola). I am 53 years old, and I can say that the treatment by herbs for me is like flight to the moon. I'm just one of the average Russian who visit doctors only when already really "squeeze", and only in order to receive any tablet, hoping that  more quickly return to a system and run.

In early January 2014, I having slipped, struck right knee. The injury seemed to me quite significant and I did not pay attention to it, but a few days later the knee joint swelling, there was a strong pain, which was not bearable by nights. I could not stepping on foot and walk. Asked for help from the doctors. After examination, the doctor has appointed me to undergo an MRI of the right knee and take a blood test. Conclusion MRI examination. A blood test showed: leucocytes- 12000 and SOE- 36.

Physician gave me non-steroidal drugs (Diclofenac) and painkillers powders (Nemesyl) and appoint a permanent hard-wearing kneepads. I could not to work. Since knee swelling to grew, the doctor who treated me decided to make a joint puncture to remove fluid and inject into the joint drug (Diprospan). During the puncture revealed that in the knee have blood (Haemarthrosis), under the assumption of the attending physician, trauma made damaged meniscus (tear), as a result, the blood vessel is damaged, from here and bleeding (the MRI apparatus such damage is not fixed).

In general, such punctures i got four more during two months. I must say, I'm very bad bear medical manipulations, even from injections in the buttock I favor a cold sweat, and then puncture !!! This was such a pain for me !!! Before each procedure, I did not sleep at nights !!! In general, I suffered with this treatment for two months, improvement was not, but began to hurt badly stomach and was heartburn, I guess that it was from the drugs.

In March, I met a friend who now lives in Thailand and arrived in Russia on a visit. Told him about his ordeal, he heard some advice from thais that there is a fruit tree Soursop (Graviola) . The dried leaves are used like painkillers for joints. He became convinced by experience. In addition to the underlying disease, from a story by a friend, he restored the disturbed sleep, got rid of the fungus Mezhuyev toes and reduce the pressure in the treatment process.

So I started to drink tea from the leaves of Soursop (Graviola STS). After the first week of admission, slept with swelling of the joint, reduce pain, and I began to slowly rise to the feet. After second week, i refused of injections and stop to drink painkillers. I got improve sleep, pain began to wear a periodic nature, that is, the knee begun to hurt when I step to foot strain, and it was a different pain than the before! On the fourth week of the start of the reception of tea, edema left a trace, I was able to bend the knee! When viewed doctor said that the joint dry! Test of blood: leucocytes -7.4; ESR - 14 !!!

My happyness knew no bounds!

Currently i continue to drink tea from leaves of Soursop (Graviola), in order to remove the inflammatory process through. Maybe I still have to make surgery operate on knee to remove the damaged meniscus, but operate on dry knee that not sore and it is only thanks to the leaves of Soursop (Graviola) !!!

Physician recommended drink tea of Soursop (Graviola) further.

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