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Why choose US?

Our product have specific characteristics that is differ of similar products are offered by other companies.

We grow production by ourselves, as opposed to firms - intermediaries who gaining products from different places and growing conditions that significantly affects the quality and effectiveness of the product.

In addition, we have to invest for improving cultivation of products, in contrast to wild trees.

Only we have an exclusive grade "SELECTION", grown by the special technology in unique climatic and environmental conditions of Thailand.

 What mean "SELECTION"?

• Products grown in ecologically clean area between the low mountains, near the sea, away from the big cities and industrial zones.

• Trees are fed special organic fertilizers.

• We use a special irrigation system.

• We protect a trees against harmful insects and parasites that carry various diseases common among wild trees

• All trees for a special screening of leaves are under "Green House Technology" (GHT) that provides special climatic conditions, including protection against direct sunlight.

• The leaves of these trees content more refined aroma, and the concentration of nutrients than in conventional tree leaves of Soursop (Graviola).

• When collecting leaves used a hand technologies, allowing not traumatic trees, to cut off live leaves in certain period of maturation.Leaves graviolа- living and dead


Our products have a positive therapeutic effect on the human body, according to the results, which we specifically place on the site for your reference (unlike other vendors).Graviola in my life
The shown results are obtained after using Graviola leaves, grown and harvested by special technology in Thailand. We do not know any results of the effectiveness of Graviola leaves which was grown and harvested in other places. Offers are a lot online, but all without any documentary evidence.

We have a specialist who will advise by your analysis (unlike other vendors)

We are interested in improving the health of our customers, knowing that health is the integral part of life, where deception is meaningless.

The only drawback - a limited quantity of product, due to time-consuming process and high maintenance costs.

Therefore, such leaves are much more expensive than usual from wild trees, but the quality justifies all the effort and money invested.

Do not strive for a low price of the product.

Your health is worth much more expensive.


Doctor treats, but nature heals!